Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Can't Feel My Face!

Now I understand what Joan Rivers meant! I've been told it's a temporary feeling as the nerve endings heal themselves. Maybe she just doesn't wait long enough between operations.

So I had my bandages taken off and sat under a shower to remove all the gunk. It took quite a while and it's still not totally out. I used baby shampoo so that it wouldn't be too harsh. It still feels like the compress is still on. It hurts when I smile or frown. Keep in mind this is not out of the ordinary, there was major work done. My face is swollen and busied and I can feel the sutures around my ears and under my eyes. You probably can't tell by the pictures, but the tiny sutures under my eyes are spaced out and the cuts are actually covered with steri-strips.

I'm still on pain medicine but off of the antibiotic. I'm still out of it and just don't have the energy that I normally do. This Monday I get one set of sutures out then the following Friday the rest.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like posting a picture or two, but not today.

I want to say that my wife has been a trooper. She's helped with the icky bandages and stuff, been driving me to the doctor's office and buying me my favorite food. Basically she's an angel. I don't know how else to put it.

Till next time, Tracy

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