Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hair Removal, Yuk...

I don't think the Burt Reynolds Look is coming back anytime soon. So I think I'm in a safe area here. I've shaved everything except my chest (my wife would protest) and I have trimmed my chest hair down so that it's not so wild. I will have to eventually shave this too because I just don't like it.

I bought a "Mangroomer" on a whim. I could already shave my back with a ladies electric razor I had mounted on a handle of sorts. But, I wanted to see how far this technology has come since I did that over a decade ago.

My take: It needs some work. It's not built very sturdy and you go through batteries fairly fast. But, for the price, it's not that bad. My big complaint is keeping the blade flat on the surface. The corners of the blades tend to dig into your skin if you're not careful.

I've used wax, sugar, and depilatories before and they all hurt. Shaving does not, but it's time consuming. That's why I use an electric shaver for everything except my face.

For my face it's the usual shave with the grain, re-lather shave against the grain. If you want an enlightening look at how your beard grows, get a 8X or better makeup mirror. You'll see the dark hairs right under the skin, and you can check to see just how well you're shaving skills are. I'm now using a Zadro Ultimate Lighted Makeup Mirror and it's great for doing makeup too!

I might invest in laser removal just for my back because it's the hardest part to do. It's just that I've just got other priorities.

I have posted a new picture of me in the biography section. I hope to always have the latest and greatest picture there.

Friday, November 23, 2007

My Six Areas to Improve - First Up Weight

My six point plan. I'm a list nut so here they are:

  1. Weight should be between 15 and 20%
  2. Hair shaving schedule
  3. Makeup skills improved
  4. The best wigs I can buy
  5. Hip or bottom shape
  6. Natural looking breasts

Loosing Weight

This is the main reason for me being out of touch with my dressing for so long. I have now lost 60 pounds with Weight-Watchers and am a lifetime member. I feel so much better, but I may have between 10 and 20 pounds to go before I'm happy with my shape. It's not so much the number of pounds. As I've stated it's the percentage of fat I'm tracking. I am at the top of my goal weight, and according to Weight-Watchers, unless I loose more than 45 pounds, they won't be calling my doctor about me having manorexia. You'll notice that I didn't mention my actual weight, because a girl never tells. ; )

I will mention my height, I'm six foot four inches. I believe the term is Amazon Woman. I have found some RGs (real girls) on the net that are my size. And their clothing and shoe sizes etc. are the same as mine. Right now I'm between a 14 & 16. With the additional weight loss I may be able to get down to a size 11/12. Heck, I believe Rue Paul is 6 foot 4!

I'm not going to kill myself over this if I don't lose a dress size. But, until I do lose some more weight, I don't want to buy any more clothes. I've pitched my fat clothes. And, going forward, I'm going to concentrate on buying less clothes with better quality and a better fit.

As you can tell from my picture, my figure is straight up and down, you're basic Ectomorph. If I can get the waist down, my hips will look better. The skirt in that picture is too short. When you have long legs like me, the skirt should be at the knee or longer. And, if I truly wish to fit in, no 3 inch heels either, that puts me at 6'7", otherwise know as the Towering Tracy. On the other hand, it is hard to find cute low heels that don't make my feet look like swim fins.

Next time. Fun With Shaving! (ugh)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to My "Happy Place" !

I'm hoping this will be the first of many weekly posts to track my progress towards my goal of becoming a "Gender Illusionist". I'm 53 years old and instead of visiting my cross-dressing as a once in a while thing, I hope to treat it with more care and attention.

Now, if you do not care for this topic or are offended by it, please do not read any further. However, if you are open-minded or just curious as to what this whole topic is about, please read on. I've opened this Blog for comments from anyone, but I hope this site will allow me to review them and block if need be. I will not go for any personal attacks, because this is after all:
"Tracy's Happy Place".

To get a kind of level set, the picture in the upper left corner is where I'm starting from today.

Again, my goal is one of a "Gender Illusionist", and it is easier to explain by what it is not. It is not a "guy in a dress". That's great for comic relief, but I'm looking to blend in and not stick out. This is not a drag show thing. This again is fine, but that is more for the stage and it necessarily requires a different kind of makeup which is much more heavy.

Some of my inspiration has come from gals like:

Courtney Act


Kalina Isato

If you check out these sites you can see that I'm aiming pretty high. But, without goals that are currently out of your reach, there's is no challenge. And I'm very competitive!