Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hair Removal, Yuk...

I don't think the Burt Reynolds Look is coming back anytime soon. So I think I'm in a safe area here. I've shaved everything except my chest (my wife would protest) and I have trimmed my chest hair down so that it's not so wild. I will have to eventually shave this too because I just don't like it.

I bought a "Mangroomer" on a whim. I could already shave my back with a ladies electric razor I had mounted on a handle of sorts. But, I wanted to see how far this technology has come since I did that over a decade ago.

My take: It needs some work. It's not built very sturdy and you go through batteries fairly fast. But, for the price, it's not that bad. My big complaint is keeping the blade flat on the surface. The corners of the blades tend to dig into your skin if you're not careful.

I've used wax, sugar, and depilatories before and they all hurt. Shaving does not, but it's time consuming. That's why I use an electric shaver for everything except my face.

For my face it's the usual shave with the grain, re-lather shave against the grain. If you want an enlightening look at how your beard grows, get a 8X or better makeup mirror. You'll see the dark hairs right under the skin, and you can check to see just how well you're shaving skills are. I'm now using a Zadro Ultimate Lighted Makeup Mirror and it's great for doing makeup too!

I might invest in laser removal just for my back because it's the hardest part to do. It's just that I've just got other priorities.

I have posted a new picture of me in the biography section. I hope to always have the latest and greatest picture there.

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