Friday, February 27, 2009

Major CD/TG/TS Conferences for 2009

I've have been neglecting my blog. I had every intention of posting something each week. As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

I didn't realize what an impact the SCC conference had on me. On one hand I wanted to go back the next day and on the other, some of my "Pink Fog" had lifted. I had somewhat OD'd on the experience, so there was bound to be some snap-back. But all, in all, I plan on going back this September all the same.

So there are more conferences than just SCC. I've just been to SCC, but I've heard good things about these other ones. Here's a chance to be the girl you want to be for several days in a row, and meet a lot of lovely people!.

Why not make it one of your goals to go to one this year?

I don't have a list of them for all countries, but here are some in North America:

For 2009


26 - 29; Colorado Gold Rush; Dever, Co


30 - May 2; Transgender 2009 — The Liberty Conference; Philadelphia PA


10 - 17; Esprit 2009; Port Angeles, WA


2 - 7; Be-All 2009; Chicago, IL


22 - 27; Southern Comfort Conference; Atlanta, GA


18 -25; Fantasia Fair; Provincetown, MA
27 - Nov 1 ;
Fall Harvest; Kansas City MO


4 - 8; Holiday En Femme; Chicago, IL
6 - 8; An Alluring Affair; Huntsville, Ontario, CA
16 - 21;
Lake Erie Gala 2009; Erie, PA

If I missed some, please let me know. Two have already occurred this year:

First Event Peabody, Ma
The 23rd Anual Conference of the IFGE 2009 Alexandria, VA

So sign up today and make a pledge to get out and do it!

Hope to see you at this year's SCC!



Elena Vogt said...

Please add Holiday En Femme. It is Tri-Ess's annual convention. It will be Nov. 4 - 8 in Chicago. The website is

Tracy Schapes said...

Thanks Elena! I will add it to the post above. It's nice to see more and more of these Conventions showing up. It proves there are a lot of us out there!