Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh My Feakin' God! What a time!

I wanted to write every day about attending the Southern Comfort Conference, but I didn't. But what an experience! I think it was one of my friends, Deja True that said, "Good girls write about their experiences, bad girls can't be bothered!"

I will follow up with my impressions of the conference. Right now I'm back home in Michigan reflecting on all the wonderful people I met, and all the things we did.

Until I can straighten out my feelings, I will say good night and thanks to everyone.



Anonymous said...

Some of us here in michigan still only fantasize about knowing a special friend with the same secret

Tracy Schapes said...

There are many T-girls in Michigan. You can meet them on-line on either or

There are a number of places to meet in Michigan. I go to Gigi's in Detroit at least once a month on T-girl night which is every other Wednesday. A number of us show up there. The next T-girl night is March 4, 2009.

There is also Pink Essence which meets every week. E-mail me for more information about that.