Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two Weeks & Three Days

Today is Thursday September 4, 2008. I feel I've fallen behind in my facelift updates. I think John Lennon said it best:

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

But I'm also kinda bummed, I had just bought a brand new Nikon D40 camera and was enjoying the infrared remote control, when I bumped the tripod and crash! I thought at first it was OK because the software screen was OK, but then when I tried to take a picture, it sounded like it was having a seizure, the poor thing. It's on a vacation to the Nikon & Lounge and Repair place. I hope to hear from it soon.

But back to my progress. More of the swelling is down, almost all of the busing is gone. There are still lumps under my chin, this is a direct result of the muscle tightening. An excellent article was in the New York Magazine about the "New New Face" It explains better what my plastic surgeons goals were: To tighten underlying structures and to add back (or plump up) that which is missing. You may wish to read the comments to that article. There was so much anger in a lot of the posts. I hope I'm not generating more!

So here's my picture as of Friday before the Nikon debacle, again no makeup, sorry for the beard:

My wife saw me in this outfit, said I looked like one of the guys from "Spinal Tap", frankly, I don't see it.

Here's one with some basic hiding powder:

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Anonymous said...


I just found your blog. I think it is wonderful that you have documented all of this surgery. It helps all of us. I have many of the same problems that you had, and I wish I could do the same. But really I could never afford it and I would be petrified anyway of complications. I continue to lose weight so the problem may get worse.

I am very happy that you gave gotten good results. You look great.