Saturday, May 10, 2008

So Who's More of a Man?

I ask this question not to establish a true comparison between crossdressers and non-crossdressers. It is rhetorical in nature.

But one of the main attributes of being a man is being strong and not being scared. But in talking to every day guys, they wouldn't even entertain the idea of wearing say a pink shirt let alone a dress of any kind. They wouldn't be caught dead in the women's clothes section looking at clothes. What are the scared of? Will they become emasculated? Will that bra reach out and bite them? Will they lose their Mojo? What takes more guts and daring? The guy that cowers in front of a piece of cloth, or one who is ready and willing to wear it and not give a darn what people think?

When I hear the kind of derogatory remarks usually made against crossdressers, that of being weak or a sissy, I have to laugh. Sorry, believe it or not you have seen a crossdresser at some time in your life and did not know it. They had the courage to go out looking totally different than what a man should look like, and to me, that takes a lot of courage. And to pull off this illusion in public took a lot of confidence in who and what they are. They know that they can switch back to being male at anytime. That nothing has been lost, but something has been gained. That a part of them repressed by society has been set free.

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