Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh No, I'm a Girl! ... And Other Musings

Oh No, I'm a Girl!

After the last post, I felt I needed to lighten up a bit. The picture you see of me, was after taking oodles of pictures of myself. I do this to see what works and what doesn't. Well after about 60 or 70 shots, I started getting giddy, and just started making different goofy faces. Earlier, I was trying too hard and constantly trying to get the very best pose. Honestly, I don't know how models do it. Maybe the fact that I have an ersatz photo studio makes me think I've gotta be all smiles and pretty.

I have a standard three light setup, a background light, a front light to one side and a key light. These lights are the standard hardware clamp lights with dimmers on them. I got this idea on this do it yourself site. Do It Yourself Light-Kit

My makeup Case

You know, you've got to have a sense of humor doing what us crossdressers do. For example, I still have my makeup box I bought 20 years ago:

That's right "Adventurer", and yes it's a fishing tackle box, never had a lure in it though. Which reminds me, if anybody has a favorite makeup train case, I'm ready to loose my tiny tackle box.

Science Helps Trannies Learn to Walk!

I found this site where scientists studied how men and women walk. They tracked the movement, and now have a computer simulation of it. This is funny and cool at the same time. Not only does it have this stick animation, but you can adjust it with a slider from Male to Female, Heavy to Light, Nervous to Relaxed, and Happy to Sad. Check this out and play with it girls!

Here's the control panel:

Here's the link Bio Motion Lab

The thing that surprised me was how women keep their elbows in toward their body. Something I've never seen written about. And, no they don't walk with one foot in front of the other unless they are skinny and walking on a catwalk.

How Not to "Out" Yourself

I would like people to know I crossdress, and yet there is no way to ease into it. Trust me, I'm not going to do it anytime soon, at least not on purpose. I was trying to think of the worst way to "Out" yourself:

Yea, just send a post card like this to all your friends and family. Fast, cheep, and traumatic.

Next time wigs!