Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jamie Austin at Southern Comfort Conference

Jamie Austin is a cross-dresser's best friend. Not only is he great with makeup, but knows how to direct and pose an amateur wannabe model!

While at the Southern Comfort Conference I signed up for makeup and a photo shoot. I was going to use one of my usual blond wigs when Jamie directed me to a bunch of his wigs that he had handy. He wanted me in something darker so I picked out a red number. Something I rarely wear.

So we ran around the hotel taking pictures. The Crowne Plaza at Ravinia has this beautiful lobby with jungle plants and waterfalls. So here are a few of some of the 100 plus pictures that were taken. The only thing I regret is not having enough time for an outfit change:








I had a blast, I hope you like these photos too! And thanks again to Jamie Austin for making it happen!

- Tracy


Karen Smith said...

Very sexy hun you look great. Karen

kılıç günü 9 said...

woww! nice photos...

Anonymous said...

welll hello i was look for pics for plastic surgery and i saw yours and than i saw all yr blog and i have 2 say u r amazing u look fabulous i love the new look
but honey u need some fashion tips or something i like what u are wearing but it could be way better :P

anyway love kisses hugs i hope u have a fabulous life and really LOVE u new look
hope u r happy
someone somewhere from planet earth

Teri Lynn said...

The red hair suits you! You are gorgeous.