Monday, May 25, 2009

Captain Cross Dresser Addendum

I thought I would share this with you. There are nice people pulling for us!
Husband and wife playwrights Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein wrote this animation. It was presented as a pilot for Sony Television.

From Sam's web site:

However, ever now and then a project or idea shows up that I can’t resist getting involved in. Recently my wife, Julie Stein and I created a TV cartoon series called THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN CROSS DRESSER that was bought by Sony Pictures Television. It’s about a normal family man who becomes a super hero when he puts on women’s clothing. We produced it along with our very good friends George Shapiro and Howard West who also produced SEINFELD. The wonderful comedic actor Fred Willard played the lead along with incredibly talented Carl Reiner, Jane Lynch and Brian George. We thought it came out great. Although we did not get it on the networks, Sony still believes in it and is taking it a new route to get it out to the public. I hope they do. It was great fun working on it and has tremendous potential. You can watch the 8 minutes mini-pilot by going to LINKS and clicking on “”

I felt I had to write Sam and thank him for this wonderful little gem:

I wanted to thank you personally for the Captain Cross Dresser animation. There's a lot of us out here, though like your lead character, deep in the closet. It was positive and quite accurate. I especially liked the son spouting off homophobic non-sense and his sister and mother calling him out on it!

Though we get confused with gays and drag queens, and there is nothing wrong with those people, it's just not our story.

I put a link from my blog to the crackle site. Many of my "sisters" on the message boards have been made aware of it too. Maybe it could be shown on Cartoon Network's"Adult Swim" or on the Logo channel.

Good luck with it and thanks again,
Tracy Schapes

Sam wrote me back:

Dear Tracy: Thank you for your note. Although getting CAPTAIN CROSSDRESSER made into a series is an uphill battle, we are not giving up on it.Progressive ideas are not the easiest thing to sell to TV.

Thanks again.Sam Bobrick

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