Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's With the Female Masks?


I said in an earlier post Photo Enhancing Software and it's Uses I would explain later what the picture was all about. If you remember, this was a picture of four school girls, each of which was me in a female latex mask, of a different style.

But wow, talk about taboos. For some odd reason a female mask is even hard for some cross-dressers to understand. I get comments from CD friends like: 'It looks creepy' or 'you don't need it'. And, I get questions like: 'Why would you wear one?', 'Would you wear it in public?', or 'Don't you sweat in those things?'

And it must be an unwritten taboo. If you go to any normal costume website and look at the latex masks, you will see only a few female masks. Usually only a "Witch" or an "Old Lady" mask is available. Sometimes a prominent figure like Hilary Clinton will be featured. But for the most part, nothing. I have an old Planet of the Apes mask from the Don Post Studio. Don Post was one of the better known mask makers, their ads used to be in the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. The only Don Post Studio female mask I can remember was a Lily Munster mask.


Q. Why would you wear a latex female mask?

A. Maybe you're Shawn and Marlon Wayans in White Chicks. But one bad movie aside, one good reason, the reason I started, was because at the time I didn't think I looked that good. This was especially true when I was overweight. But some cross-dressers wear masks because they want to look younger or they may have a beard. Other's are so scared of being "outed", that they feel they need a mask to hide from a not so supportive public. But there is also the "Mission Impossible" thrill. Many people watching that show loved it when a character would pull off their face to reveal their true self. And besides, don't we all wear some kind of mask throughout the day to hide our true selves?

Q. Where would you wear them?

A. Only the bravest of the brave would dare go out in public with a mask. There may be some clubs that would accept them, but for the most part this is more of a fantasy type experience enjoyed in the home.

Q. What are the masks made of?

A. Latex, but there are two types of latex masks. One type, the latex is poured into a mold, the process is called slip or slush latex. The second is called foam latex where the latex is baked. The first type is easier to make, but the mask is heavier and less porous. The second is very light, porous but the process takes longer. The ones I've shown on the blog are of the foam latex type. To me they aren't that heavy and you don't sweat as badly as the slip style masks.

Q. Where do you buy these?

A. There's a number of places on the Internet. Here's some links:

Female Latex Masks by Kerry
Greyland Film
Nikki's Monster Shop
Ebay use key words female and mask

Q. How many people wear these masks?

A. Well there's at least 500 that I know of. This is the number of subscribers to Kerry's Mailing list. So I would imagine the number would be greater than that. And a real good site to see more maskers is the Female Mask Homepage.

So there are a number of good reasons for a cross-dresser to consider a mask. And I'm sure for the the fans of latex and cross-dressing, these masks would just be a perfect combination!

Till Next Time, Tracy


Anonymous said...

Hi would you want to sell your planet of the apes don post mask?? if so I love the planet of the apes email me at eclipse_on_fire@yahoo.com

Tracy Schapes said...

I'll send a picture and make me an offer! I bought it back around 1976 and it needs some TLC!

Angelina said...

Hi, you look fabulous with this mask!

info said...

we sell Greyland masks in US


purdy said...

Great, I wear mine everyday