Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thoughts About Legs

One of the few natural assets I have as far as portraying the opposite sex are my legs. I've been told they really look sexy, both in person and in photos. So when I tripped over this article (again science to the rescue) it seemed to at least explain a possibility why.

Why Kylie Minogue could have the perfect legs

Come to find out Polish researchers at Wroclaw University (isn't higher learning grand?) found that if a person's legs are 5% longer than average, they will be perceived as more attractive.

So here we go Tracy does math! yuk. The average woman is 5'4" and has an average leg length of 29". If that same woman has a leg length of 30.5" she is thought to have more attractive legs. So if we do percentages of heights, the average woman has legs that are 45.3% of their height and the ideal length is 46.7% of height. With these percentages you can compare your own inseam against your height.

Therefore, remember I'm 6'4", the average leg length for a woman of 6'4" is 34.5" and the ideal is 36". Yes, my legs have an inseam of 36".

Now the article says if your leg length is longer than that 5% say 10% of average, you are not perceived as being any more attractive, in other words, the golden percentage is 5%.

So the same gene's that made me this Amazon height has at least made my leg proportions ideal. Well, you be the judge, I have some pictures in a previous post about wigs that show off a lot of leg. It's one of the few things I can hold on to while I struggle to get the other things right.

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