Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's time to send in the Army!

The Salvation Army that is. Talking to other like minded individuals I discovered that the Salvation Army Stores and other re-sale shops are some of their favorite places for clothing, shoes, & accessories. This is great because sometimes I like to go with some sort of vintage or "costume" look. The prices are real cheap and the money you spend (namely for the Salvation Army) is going for a good cause.

It had been a long time since I had shopped in drab (translation: as my male self). I went to the Salvation Army on an early Saturday morning when there were few people there. I picked out all kinds of stuff, and went in the common dressing rooms and tried on the clothes. If I got any weird looks, I wasn't looking for them. I did my business and paid for it. Took home 3 skirts and one top for just under $20! It did cost me $20 because I just donated the change.

I did go to another Salvation Army Store on another day, on kind of an impulse. There are three good size stores within a short distance of where I live. This experience was also nice. Just one thing different about this Salvation Army was there were fewer dressing rooms and it was busy so I didn't have time to try anything on. But I did find this "School Girl" plaid skirt (complete with large brass safety pins). It was around $6 and fortunately fit. I was taking pictures of it with progressively more sexy shoes. Going from a school girl Mary Jane with socks, Mary Jane patent wedge heels, red high-heel pumps, to a pair of 5" red ankle strap sandals.

I've got two posts sitting in the wings waiting on pictures. There maybe an explosion of posts if this keeps happening to me. Till next time, Tracy

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